My Mix Tape

What's your favorite song? Or what's a song that holds meaning for you? KALW News has been asking these questions to every person interviewed, and here's what they've found.

"Amber" by 311

Dec 3, 2012

This song reminds Isabelle Jimenez of going to the beach with her family.

This song gives Ethan Watters inspiration before he speaks in public. 

Gristan Grispol always loves when September comes around.

Caty Ballister's mother used to sing this song to her when she was a girl. 

Erling Wold draws musical inspiration from this song. 

Kelly Lawrence relies on this song as fatherly advice. 

Karen Davidson first heard this song in the sixth grade and her whole world changed.

Madison Vorva is an environmental activist who thinks it's important to always have hope. 

Kirby Hammel thinks this song is one of the greatest rock 'n' roll recordings there is. 

Tania Pulido lives in San Pablo. She chose this song because it speaks to the gang problems that have affected those around her. 

This song reminds Bridget Quinn of her brothers in the 70s.

Comedian Nato Green calls this his "fight song."

Anjenette Devina, who lives in Oakland, is reminded of her husband when she hears this song.

Lotus Yee Fong from San Francisco thinks this song can offer a lesson in history.

Josh Friedman from Corralitos, California, listens to this song whenever he is flying.

Karen Gordon chose this song in honor of her brother.

Bhi Bhiman, a Sri Lankan-America folk artist, chooses this song as one of his earliest music memories.

This song makes Oakland's Abel Habtegeorgis think about civil rights. 

U2 was the first concert Oakland's Hayes Morehouse ever went to.

Joshua Bloom, from San Francisco's Visitacion Valley, chose this song  because it reaches people. 

Sumayyah Waheed lives in Oakland, California. 

This song gives Oakland's Dion Campbell confidence.

This song reminds Myeisha Williams of everyday urban struggles. 

Nubia Bowe thinks about the work she does with the Ella Baker Center to make Oakland better when she listens to this song. 

This song become musician Kelly McFarling's anthem as she graduated from college and stepped out into her next phase of life. 

This song helped Terese Taylor get through a challenging time as a musician.

This song reminds Getane Heart of her best friends in high school.

Bill Schweitzer introduced his father to this song.

This song reminds Mike Marshall of an important political shift he witnessed in Albania. 

This song reminds Phil Ginsburg to stop taking life so seriously.