My Mix Tape

What's your favorite song? Or what's a song that holds meaning for you? KALW News has been asking these questions to every person interviewed, and here's what they've found.

This was one of Erica Fox's favorite picks on the juke box at the burger joint she used to go to with her father after soccer practice.

This song is a tribute to the Halloween Andre Torres spent dressed as Michael Jackson.

This song reminds KALW's Devon Strolovtich of time he spent living in Paris, which is where he first learned to play it on the guitar.

This song helped Oakland's Bonnie Killip through some troubled times when a friend first played it for her.

This song reminds KALW's Audrey Dilling of the home where she grew up in Milpitas, California.

This song makes Judson True think of simpler times and what we can learn from them. 

Former San Francisco mayoral candidate Terry Baum feels powerful when she thinks of this song and the people she's sung it with at rallies over the years. 

This song prompted Oakland's Shari Kurita to consider her responsibility to the world. She remembers it as an adult moment in her youth. 

Roman Mars was given this song on a mix tape when he was a teenager.

This song captures what Claudia Holland thinks makes a good relationship. 

Kashari Starks is a student at Elmhurst Community Prep in Oakland. 

This song makes Rachel Zarate feel less afraid of being alone.

Sara Johnson's parents named her after this song.

Twelve-year-old Kayla Brown and Kreayshawn, the artist of this song, are both from Oakland, California. Brown likes the way that Kreayshawn represents her experience growing up in the city.

Jasmine Vasquez' brother first played this song for her. She thinks it's a powerful song because the singer is confronting the idea of death.  

This song reminds Jose Macero of the good times he had with his grandfather in Mexico.

Serafin Rodriguez lives in Oakland. This song makes him think about different ways his life could have turned out.

This song makes thirteen-year-old Omari Embry feel invincible.

This song reminds Youth Radio's Sayre Quevedo of his first trip alone to New York City. 

This band hails from Sacramento, California, near Max Jacobs' home town of Davis. Jacobs remembers driving all the way to San Francisco to see live music in high school. 

Rian Bogley says he heard this song by accident – and it really hit home for him.

Rayana Godfrey can't believe a singer could fit so many emotions into such a short song.

This song reminds Meisha Sanders of getting through a tough time with her boyfriend.

This song helps Kayla Ritchie consider the experience of loss.

Twelve-year-old Diana Esquivel can't help but sing this song, even if she doesn't know the lyrics. 

Fifteen-year-old Deyonte Newson sees this song as a source of good advice.

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Cynthia Strauss says listens to this song twice a day sometimes. She first heard it live at a concert.

Steven Short remembers his father teaching him to play this song on the harmonica.

This song reminds entrepreneur and educator Joanna Rees that everyone needs a little care.

This song reminds KALW listener Curt Yagi of the young people in his life who depend on him.