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Neck of the Woods

Local Music: The Shams

Feb 1, 2017

Here’s a quiz for you. If you have an Irish rock band, that’s really from San Francisco, what would you call it? How about The in “the sham rocks.” Get it?

Credit: Spencer Handley / Resized and cropped

This music? It’s by a San Francisco jazz artist and music producer known as Herbie One. He takes jazz samples and live performance and mixes them with drum sounds and grooves heard in club music. 

 Herbie One will be presenting his skills at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco on Sunday, 6/12. Doors open at 8:00 pm.

Today's Local Music: Sugar Ponies

Aug 13, 2015

Sometimes it’s difficult for musicians to categorize their sound. That’s the case with the Sugar Ponies, who you’re hearing now, so they call their music alt-pop-country-folk-rock. 

You can find out what that means on Saturday (08.15) when Sugar Ponies open for Matt Jaffe and the Distractions at Neck of the Woods in San Francisco. Doors open at 9pm.

Today's Local Music: Brainoil

Feb 20, 2013
John Weber

Today's local band is Brainoil, a doom and sludge-metal group from Oakland. They’re one of 25 bands descending on a new bar this weekend for The Awakening Metalfest. Brainoil will be thrashing their guitars this Friday at Neck of the Woods, on Clement Street in San Francisco, the site of the old Rockit Room. They go on at 9:20pm. Don’t be late!