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Thu November 20, 2014
Out in the Bay ~ 11/20/14 ~ 7pm Thursday

Cat knows more than she can say in Pussy (the play)

Maura Halloran's Pussy is clever, quirky, and full of wit and insights into human nature that only a pussycat can have. The title character is a cat owned by a lesbian whose romance is on the rocks. Writer and actor Halloran, Eric Jansen's guest on tonight's Out in the Bay (7pm Thursday) plays both soon-to-be ex-lovers, their mildly homophobic but clearly curious landlady, and Pussy, a keen observer who knows more than she's able to say. Halloran shifts smoothly and convincingly between all four characters, and is especially delightful to watch jumping onto furniture and calmly licking herself as her 'masters' bicker long-distance.    Meet all of Pussy's characters and their creator, Maura Halloran, on Out in the Bay, 7pm PST Thursday 11/20, on worldwide/ 91.7 fm SF Bay Area; on demand after broadcast at

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Thu March 13, 2014
Open Air ~ 3/13/14 at 1pm

Farallon Recorder Quartet ~ Family Drama at NCT ~ Sing for America ~ St. Patrick's Day

Dana Zook, Andrew Nance, Damion Matthews in "Yellow"
Lois Tema Photography

This week, members of the Farallon Recorder Quartet share details about their upcoming concerts together with soprano Jennifer Paulino and lutenist John Lenti, in Palo Alto, Berkeley and San Francisco; Erich Stratmann, the brains and organizing brawn behind Sing for America (SFA) shares information about the SFA fundraising concert on March 30; actors Andrew Nance and Dana Zook talk about the New Conservatory Theatre’s Bay Area Premiere of “Yellow” by playwright Del Shores; and regular contributor and critic-at-large Peter Robinson muses on the Day of St. Patrick.   Open Air with David Latulippe, originally broadcast on March 13, 2014. Listen now or anytime.


Wed December 5, 2012
Out in the Bay - 12/6 - The Submission

The Submission: Are gay rights civil rights?

Are gay rights civil rights? Does the LGBT rights struggle deserve the same stature as the battle for women’s rights or racial equality? A provocative play - The Submission - at New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco gets into these questions and more.  Is verbal gay-bashing still more acceptable than racist comments, even here in our pro-gay Bay Area bubble?  Lead actress Sam Jackson and director Ben Randle discuss these issues and share bits from the play with host Eric Jansen on this week's Out in the Bay (broadcast Dec.

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