Colin Kaepernick has been using his platform in the NFL to call attention to racial inequities. But the NFL itself has not always been equitable for people of all races.

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More clarification on Prop. 64 ... Oakland re-examines permits ... No smoking on UC campuses ... Warning for Californians driving to Nevada ... Business, Health, and more.

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How marijuana laws impact usage… Amoeba Records in finals for Berkeley license… Colorado’s billion dollar bud sales… Menstrual relief through cannabis… Roseanne Barr joins celebrity branding… and more. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION 15 percent tax proposed on medical cannabis // Pressreader Majority of funds would go to the California Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation and the state’s general fund. Cities and counties could add their own taxes. “Guarded optimism” for first state medical...

Your Call: Why do so many Americans love football?

Feb 9, 2015

On the February 10 th edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about X’S and O’S (A FOOTBALL LOVE STORY). The Berkeley Rep play examines the connections between football and American identity – and explores the trauma players and their families go through as a result of disabling and sometimes deadly injuries from the sport. From concussions to domestic violence, football has had a bad year, but the Superbowl broke viewer records. What explains this? Will anything change? It's Your...

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Major Oregon paper endorses legalization… Washington State’s recreational statute defended… Can CBD-cannabis qualify as hemp?... Deaths drop in legal pot states… and more. LEGALIZATION Oregon’s leading paper endorses recreational marijuana // The Oregonian “Oregonians should support outright legalization.” Washington State’s recreational statut e defended // Attny. Gen’l. of Washington State “This case presents a significant threat” to recreational sales. Possession now a misdemeanor in Santa...