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Wed January 29, 2014
Cops & Courts

What’s it like to manage the Oakland Police Department?

OPD Assistant Chief, Paul Figueroa
Kyung Jin Lee


Tue November 5, 2013
Cops & Courts

Meet Oakland’s new Area 3 and its commander

Ricardo Orozco, Area 3 Captain, OPD
Oakland Police Department

Oakland Police Captain Ricardo Orozco says he’s living his dream of being a cop.

“Ever since I was a small boy, the show that I always liked to watch was Adam 12,” he says, referring to a TV show featuring LAPD officers.

These days, living the dream means managing a cadre of officers in the central part of Oakland. As of June, the city is broken up into five regions, each led by an area commander. A 26-year veteran of the force, Orozco heads Area 3, which includes some of the city’s most expensive zip codes, as well as some of its lower-income ones.

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Wed August 28, 2013
Cops & Courts

Oakland residents organize to fight crime

Under CC license from Flickr user bikesniffer

Just a few weeks ago, 12 people were shot and three killed within a 24-hour period  in Oakland. It’s a snapshot of a difficult reality that some residents are facing there - which includes robberies being up 30 percent from this time last year. Even in traditionally safer neighborhoods like Rockridge, residents are scared to go out at night.

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Thu April 4, 2013

Finding work for ex-felons


Angel Barerra has a felony conviction. He thinks that’s kept him from finding work. In order to give people like Barerra a better chance, some California counties have implemented “Ban the Box” – they’ve made it illegal for employers to ask about felony charges on job applications.

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Mon March 28, 2011
City Visions: March 28, 2011

Gang Injunctions: Are They Working? If So, At What Cost?

Host: Joseph Pace

Producer: Yumi Wilson

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