Oakland Museum of California

Question Bridge: How do I know she's the one?

Jun 13, 2012

Sometimes, even when we are sure that we want to do good in the world, it helps to get words of advice and guidance from an older and wiser friend. These types of mentorships are hard to come by – but a group of artists decided they would start the dialogue for one community through art. What was born out of that desire was the art installation called Question Bridge: Black Males, a video dialogue between over 150 black men from across the country, talking about some of life's biggest topics: racism, sexuality, success, and love.

Question Bridge: How do you feel about yourself as a gay black male?

May 29, 2012
Courtesy of Question Bridge

At the Oakland Museum of California, a special art installation is exploring some of life’s big questions among generations of the black male community. Over 150 black men from all over the country came together to answer questions like these for the project called Question Bridge: Black Males. Today, we bring you a question from Ronald Porter, who teaches at UC Berkeley, and who asked this question: How do you feel about yourself as a gay black male?