Wed December 4, 2013
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Searching for the Peregrine Falcon


Near dusk, you can often find Shirley Doell at Oakland Civic Center, staring at the tops of skyscrapers through her big telescope. But she isn’t spying on anyone – at least not any people. She’s on the lookout for Peregrine Falcons. They were on the brink of extinction a few decades ago, when there were only two breeding pairs left in California. But there are about 300 nests in the state now and they’ve started moving into cities.

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Wed October 30, 2013


Tue October 29, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

One man’s trash is another's recycling

Arthur Boone and his recycling.
Judy Silber

Californians are pretty good about thinking twice before throwing things away—we divert more than 60 percent of our waste away from landfills. But what about that remaining 40 percent?

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Fri October 25, 2013


Tue October 8, 2013
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WEB EXTRA: A brief history of 9-1-1

The coordinated 9-1-1 system has grown up in fits and starts in different parts of the country.

Up until the late 1960s, you had to dial “0” or a 7-digit number to reach an emergency switchboard, and those numbers varied city to city.

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