Outer Sunset

Angela Johnston


In his backyard in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond neighborhood, Arne Jin An Wong coats a pink and white striped, eight-foot-long surfboard. This board is one of dozens in Wong’s quiver. They are all over his backyard: resting on fences next to tomato vines and suspended from the rafters of his garage. A few faded and yellowed boards are heaped in a pile that he is donating to children in the Philippines.

Neighborhood Postcard: Sunset

Sep 25, 2013
Sara Brooke Curtis

 Ocean Beach is right on the edge of San Francisco’s biggest neighborhood, the Sunset. The neighborhood is so large it’s split into two: an inner and outer.

“Across the street from me now is Art's Hamburgers or whatever they call themselves now. Which in 1967, the waitress had put a little sign in the window and it said 'love burgers 25 cents each.' The area really looks like 1965,” says Casey Farrell, a Sunset resident.

The neighborhood at the edge of the earth, where streetcars turn away from the wind, was once a dangerous place.