State treasurer explores “marijuana banking” ... Oregon at a standstill due to testing ... New ‘drugged driving” rules ... Meet the trimmigrants ... Cannabis and Cabernet considered ... and more.

Your Call: Bees and the powerful pesticide industry

Jun 23, 2016

On the June 23rd edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about the pesticide industry and the drastic decline of the bee population.

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Supreme Court tosses marijuana case … Canada ruffles U.N. narcotics conference … “Massive recall” of pot over pesticides … Vets risk felonies … Sports, opinion, and infused Nutella …. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION Canada shakes up the U.N. narcotics conference // National Post “The Liberal government used its first foray into the global anti-narcotics arena this week to signal a clear shift away from the war-on-drugs philosophy, promising more safe-injection sites, promoting 'harm reduction'...

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California’s recreational initiative spawns opposition … NORML denied credit card processing … What pesticides are you smoking? ... and more. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION “Stop Pot 2016” hopes to block legalization // “Topics discussed in this frequently contentious interview include what the science does and doesn't say about the effects of marijuana on the brain, the unintended consequences of prohibition, and what lessons California voters can draw from legalization of...

Your Call: Bees and pesticides

Feb 1, 2016

On the February 1st edition Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about bees. Since 2006, honey bees and other pollinators have experienced rapid population declines.

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What Governor Brown wants… Students smoke more pot than tobacco now… Pesticides finally being studied… Sperm counts drop “significantly”… Cannabis for your kitty? And more. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION Deadline approaches for Assembly revisions on statewide regulations // “The legislative session adjourns on Sept. 11, which gives lawmakers and dozens of stakeholders involved in negotiations a chance to strike an agreement at the eleventh hour.” What Gov. Brown prefers //...

Your Call: Where are the bees and the butterflies?

May 11, 2015

On the May 11th edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation about efforts to restore pollinator habitats. Thousands of species of bees and butterflies are under threat. With 90 percent of the world’s flowering species requiring insects or other animals for pollination, how is the decline of bees and butterflies affecting our food supply and our landscapes? It’s Your Call with me, Rose Aguilar, and you. Guests: Dr. Eric Mussen, internationally known bee expert, who served for 38 years as...

East Bay Express: What's poisoning the bees

Jun 5, 2014

From our partners at the East Bay Express.

Today on Your Call: Why are honeybees disappearing?

May 5, 2013