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Mon February 2, 2015
Arts & Culture

The Other Mission: a tour of the Mission's literary past with poet laureate Alejandro Murguía

Cal Tabuena-Frolli

Martina Castro took a walk around the Mission with San Francisco’s poet laureate Alejandro Murguía to hear about what the neighborhood used to be like when he first moved here, back in the 1970s - and what’s changed.


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Mon February 27, 2012
Arts & Culture

Meet Emeryville's first poet laureate

Janell Moon, Emeryville Poet Laureate

Emeryville, best known for big box stores and a movie complex, currently has something San Francisco lacks: a poet laureate.

One would expect San Francisco, home of the beat poets of the fifties, to have the position – and it does, but the term of the previous poet has expired. This will be remedied soon; candidates interested in the post have two more days to file.

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