Radio Poets 2015: Juan Ruiz

Apr 15, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

I am from Lima
where people have so much rage in their body
Now I'm in S.F.
where people are full of honesty
I am from Lima
where I couldn't stand the heat
Now I'm in S.F.
where I listen to new sick beats
I am from Lima
where I miss being so mean
Now I'm in S.F.
where I wait for August 19 I am from Lima where I eat Caldo De Gallina Now I'm in S.F. where I scare my sister pobrecita
I am from Lima
where it's hot and dry
Now I'm in S.F.

Radio Poets 2015: Kimberly Carballo

Apr 13, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

I Am

Kimberly Carballo, Cleveland Elementary


I am proud, happy, brave

I wonder how the world came to be

I see happiness around the world

I want peace in the world

I hear Let’s Go Giants

I am proud, happy, brave


I pretend to be a dancer

I feel drops of water on my hair

I touch the stars up above

I worry about my friends and family

I cry when I hear someone dies

I am proud, happy, brave

I understand that there is good and bad stuff

Radio Poets 2015: Ariana Gomez

Apr 9, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area

Where I’m From

Ariana Gomez, Leonard Flynn Elementary


I am from a music family.

I come from people that are in love with animals.

I am from a family who loves to dance,

And now I'm going to show you a chant


America SCORES is so tight, 

Boogie on down, alright alright



Radio Poets 2015: Eric Mai

Apr 8, 2015
AmericaSCORES Bay Area



Eric Mai, Garfield


Is dark like a very old mansion

Like shadows, staring at you

Like black flames moving through the town

Like a moving sky

Is blurry, from my far view

With mountains, with ice all over, very big,

From the middle of my eye,

Is scary, if a ghost is in it


A town full of people,

A big crowd,

With windows brighten up,

A tower,

To see very far,

Some wind, in a big spiral

7 suns, to help me find my way to Chinatown

Julie Martin/NEDCC

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