Mon October 17, 2011
City Visions: October 17, 2011

California's Dream Act: What are the implications for the Bay Area and beyond?

Host: Yumi Wilson

Producer: Yumi Wilson 

At a time when dozens of states are passing anti-immigrant laws, Gov. Jerry Brown has just signed a series of bills that sends a clear signal that California isn't about to punish them.

On Saturday, he signed a bill that will allow thousands of undocumented students in California to receive state financial aid to attend public colleges. AB131, which still faces approval by UC Regents, is set to take effect in 2013.

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Thu October 13, 2011
Out In the Bay: October 13, 2011

Matchmaker, Matchmaker!

Marilyn talks with Dr. Frankie and Soniyah Singh, two matchmakers in the Bay area. Dr. Frankie works with lesbians only and Soniyah works only with gay men. Is it harder to find love if you're gay? Do gay men have trouble coupling, while lesbians couple too easily? You'll hear how they coach their clients to get ready to meet the right person, what challenges they face, along with some of their client stories. - air date Oct 13, 2011


Mon April 25, 2011
City Visions: April 25, 2011

The legacy of Agent Orange: What the Bay Area can do to help



Host: Joseph Pace

Producer: Yumi Wilson

The war in Vietnam ended more than 30 years ago, but the legacy of Agent Orange remains, both here in the United States and in Vietnam.

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Mon March 7, 2011
City Visions: March 7, 2011

Bay Area Uprising: Changing the Local Landscape

Host: Lauren Meltzer

Producer: Lisa Denenmark

If you Google news for “West Oakland,” mainstream news organizations will cover mostly crime, toxins and fires. Yet, within this and other vulnerable communities, organizations and leaders are collaborating with stakeholders in innovative ways to bring about social change.

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