Mon April 9, 2012

Today On Your Call: What are the realities of walking while black or brown in the US ?


Guests: Chris Johson, co-creator the Question Bridge: Black Males exhibit now showing at the Oakland Museum, and professor of photography at the California College of the Arts 

Nubia Bowe, high school graduate and Heal The Streets leadership fellow at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Unity Lewis, hip hop artist, painter, participant in the Question Bridge project

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Ella Baker Center

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Tue April 3, 2012

Will Durst: "Obama Care" and the Supreme Court

A few words about the Supreme Court hearing testimony about "Obama Care." Because it's the highest court in the land, we can assume the arguments were solemn, dignified, and incisive...

“Obama Care Sucks!” “Does not.” “Does So.” “Does Not.” Like that, only in elevated lawyer language.

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Thu March 29, 2012

The cost of recycling scavengers

San Francisco is considered a national leader in pro-environmental policy, advocacy, and education. And while the City is a pioneer in recycling it may be getting tougher on street recyclers who scavenge from blue bins throughout the city.

Supervisor Christina Olague has requested a hearing looking into how much money the City is losing because of scavengers, as well as ways to prevent the practice. That investigation could begin next month. Street recycling is a growing underground economy. And it is illegal. Ben Trefny has the story.


Thu March 29, 2012
Afternoon News Roundup

Connecting the Dots: Afternoon edition for Thursday, March 29, 2012


State funds are being readily directed at California’s transportation overhaul. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved a $1.5 billion dollar plan to expand Caltrain so that it can hold more riders and accommodate a high-speed rail by 2019…

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Thu March 29, 2012
Morning News Roundup

Connecting the Dots: Top news stories for Thursday, March 29, 2012


A Mount St.Mary’s College report shows female students graduate from college at a higher rate than men in California but that is not reflected in women’s participation in leadership roles…

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