Thu June 19, 2014
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Your Call: How should colleges deal with rape and sexual assault on campus?

Rape Awareness
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Thu June 5, 2014


Wed June 4, 2014
Dispatches from Kolkata 6/4/2014

Sandip Roy: Not Worth 1000 Words

Last week India was shocked by a picture that looked ripped out of the American south from decades ago. Two young women, raped and strangled, and then dangling from a mango tree in a village in the Badaun district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

But the pictures shocking as they are are not worth a 1000 words because they cannot begin to unravel the context behind the story.

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Thu May 29, 2014


Wed November 27, 2013
Dispatches from Kolkata for 11/27

Hell at Tehelka

Tarun Tejpal

When violence against women was big in the news in India, an investigative magazine called Tehelka did an explosive sting operation. Its reporters went undercover to 23 police stations around Delhi and got cops talking about rape.  The results were shocking. Most cops were happy to blame women for wearing skirts that don’t cover them fully. For having a drink.  For going out with a boyfriend and his friends. Real rape they said was rare. And those who  were really raped would never complain anyway. This year the magazine produced a special issue on sexual violence

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