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Wed December 3, 2014
Your Legal Rights 7pm 12.03.14

Mortgage Debt Issues Confronting Retired/Retiring Consumers

Mortgage Debt Issues Confronting Retired/Retiring  Consumers
Guests: Frank Adam, Real Estate/Tax attorney; Keith Ogden, attorney with Community Legal Services of
East Palo Alto (a non-profit legal services organization); Cara Pierce, Reverse Mortgage and Housing Counselor.
Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests please call 415-841-4134.

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Wed November 19, 2014
Your Legal Rights 7pm 11.19.14

Landlord/tenant Laws, Issues, and Disputes

Landlord/tenant Laws, Issues, and Disputes.
Guests: Landlord/Tenant Attorneys James Coy Driscoll and Marc Seidenfeld.
Listeners with questions for Chuck's on-air guests please call 415-841-4134.
Also, Nov. 19 is our special once-a-month Call-A-Lawyer Night, this time especially for  Landlord/Tenant and Real Estate questions. So, while Your Legal Rights broadcasts over 91.7 FM (online at, 7 to 8pm, listeners can call off-air attorneys, 800-525-9917, for private/no-fee consultation on any issues to do with tenancy or real estate.

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Tue October 28, 2014

Is the Bay Area in a housing bubble or a housing crisis?

Real estate markets run in cycles, and right now our regional market is soaring. While the national median price for a home is just over $200,000, the median price paid for a home in the nine-county Bay Area last month was just about $600,000.

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Wed July 30, 2014
Your Legal Rights 7pm 07.30.14

Buying and selling homes: affordability/reporting defects

Buying and selling homes: affordability/reporting defects
Guests: Frank Adam, Real Estate/Tax attorney/Real Estate Broker, and David Finkelstein, Real Property and Business attorney.
Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests, please be ready to call 415-841-4134.

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Mon April 21, 2014

Interview with Geoff Link of Central City Extra

Central City Extra newspaper
Jen Chien


In the rapidly changing mid-Market area of San Francisco, the influx of new tech companies into a historically low-income neighborhood is causing some conflict, especially around commercial real estate. Geoff Link is editor and publisher of the Central City Extra, a monthly newspaper serving the Tenderloin, mid-Market, and SOMA neighborhoods. It's put out by the Study Center, a publishing house that also supports non-profits.

As a journalist, Link has been monitoring changes taking place in this part of the city as tech companies move in, including the displacement of a lot of neighborhood non-profits. He himself has been affected-- the Study Center has had to move twice in the last two years.  Link spoke to KALW's Ben Trefny in the offices of Central City Extra.

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