Redding Elementary School


Wed April 1, 2015
Radio Poets, April 1, 2015

Radio Poets 2015: Pradipti Lama

Pradipti Lama, Redding Elementary School
Credit AmericaSCORES Bay Area

Pradipti Lama
Redding Elementary School
Down The Road

Poetry is my life
Love Joy and Harmony
Words scatter like the meadows are starting to howl
My fragile brain
steps into the world
and my words
The world swirls down the road
as I walk down the line
Thoughts on my head
copies on the page
like a money machine pinching my cheeks
Dandelions blow off my mind
as I walk down the road to my favorite place

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Thu April 3, 2014
Radio Poets 4/3

Radio Poets: William Lozano

William Lozano and his dad

Will Lozano is a student at San Francisco's Redding Elementary School, where he writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring his voice to the air during National Poetry Month.


“My Dad Is”

When I see my dad I see me

When I hug him, it feels like a warm blanket on a cold winter night

When we eat, we are like hungry lions on the prowl

When he and I play catch and he says "Go Looong"

I feel like a dog playing fetch with a stick and having fun

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