Reese Erlich


Fri October 17, 2014

Your Call: Syria, Turkey and the Kurds

Syrian refugees escaping from the town of Kobani while ISIS is advancing on the town

On October 17th edition of Your Call, it’s out Friday media roundtable. This week, we’ll discuss coverage of the intense clashes between the Kurds and ISIS forces in the city of Kobani, near the Turkish border with Syria. Why has Kobani been getting so much media attention? We will also talk about Turkey’s relationship with the Kurds. We’ll be joined by investigative journalist Reese Erlich and the Christian Science Monitor’s Alex Christie-Miller will join us from Turkey. Join the conversation on the next Your Call, with Rose Aguilar and you.


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Wed October 15, 2014
Arts & Culture

Interview: Jazz and Syria Quintet with Reese Erlich

Oud player Coralie Russo and percussionist Vince Delgado are part of the Jazz and Syria Quintet
Ben Trefny

Since the Arab Spring, the world has been watching armed conflict escalate in Syria. This Friday, the 17th of October, the Bay Area has a chance to consider the war-torn country in a different way -- by how it sounds.  Classical Syrian music gets an American interpretation at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. The Jazz and Syria Quintet will perform and participate in a discussion hosted by award-winning journalist Reese Erlich. 

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Mon November 18, 2013
Arts & Culture

Jazz Perspective: Jason Moran


Pianist Jason Moran became famous in the 1990s as a young rebel playing his own unique styles. He became known as one of the finest interpreters of Thelonius Monk's music, and he composes many original tunes.

In addition to a busy touring schedule, Moran teaches at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. “I learn a lot from what the students are doing. It keeps me engaged from what's happening in contemporary music, from the 19-year-old perspective. It's helpful.”

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Wed September 19, 2012
Arts & Culture

Jazz Perspective: Gregory Porter, cool and collected vocalist

The upstairs room at an old plantation house on the Caribbean island of Curacao was insufferably hot. But jazz vocalist Gregory Porter was cool and collected, even while wearing his trademark winter cap. Known for his silky smooth voice and socially conscious lyrics, Porter has reason to be confident. His first album, “Water,” garnered critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination for the 2010 Best Vocal Jazz album. This February, he released his second album, “Be Good.” And now, he’s in the Caribbean to perform at the annual Curacao Jazz Festival.

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Tue July 24, 2012
Arts & Culture

Jazz guitarist John Pizzarelli innovates within a framework

Singer and guitarist John Pizzarelli learned to play at the knee of his famous jazz musician father, Bucky Pizzarelli. But as a teen growing up in the 1970s, John was far more interested in Peter Frampton and the rock band Cream than in Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of Paris. John had a real talent for jazz guitar, however, and he joined his dad in playing club dates around the New York/New Jersey area. Pizzarelli recalls his father saying that he “was the only guy playing jazz to support his rock and roll habit. All the guys had it the other way around.”

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