Sam Adato's Drum Shop


Thu February 7, 2013
Arts & Culture

Hear Here: Sam Adato’s Drum Shop, an institution for drummers

From left to right: Vince Lateano, Adam Willis, Sam Adato, and Brandon Etzler
Laura Flynn

The phone is ringing and a constant stream of people are coming through the gated door. Sam Adato, a long-haired rocker and owner of the drum shop, buzzes them in from behind the counter.

The intimate shop is a maze of colorful stacks upon stacks of vintage drums. The walls are covered with posters – custom made by Adato – of drummers, rock and roll records, drum equipment and other trinkets he’s collected over the last 20 years from customers and friends. Everyone who comes through the door seems to know each other, it was a familiar place, a place for drummers.

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