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Mon April 20, 2015

Daily news roundup for Monday, April 20, 2015

Doug Stiles ingests 20 drops of liquid Marijuana in his home at a retirement community called Rossmoor in Walnut Creeks on April 14th 2015. Stiles takes the drops before bed to help with his anxiety and to help him sleep.
Sam Wolson San Francisco Chronicle


Thu February 19, 2015

A conversation about workers' rights in the gig economy

Jack Alley for The New York Times

Sharing economy companies like Uber and Lyft have become a powerful part of the economy. Now, some of the workers propelling that sector are organizing to ask for more from the companies that pay them. Drivers from both companies have filed a lawsuit -- they want to be made employees rather than contractors, and receive the benefits mandated by the state of California.

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Mon December 8, 2014
Arts & Culture

Your Call's Rose Aguilar profiled in Radio Waves

In the December 7th edition of his "Radio Waves" column in the San Francisco Chronicle, Ben Fong-Torres profiles Your Call host Rose Aguilar. Read the full article at SFGate:  "Aguilar goes from KALW guest to host"


Thu April 3, 2014

Details of State Senator Leland Yee's case

The San Francisco Chronicle has been reporting widely on the FBI’s investigation into Senator Leland Yee and 25 others who have been indicted in the past few days. The charges range from firearms trafficking to promising political favors.

San Francisco Chronicle reporters  Henry Lee  and Vivian Ho have been covering this unfolding story in detail and give us a recap of what we know so far. 

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Thu January 23, 2014

San Francisco's oldest news source has a new editor-in-chief

Courtesy of SFGate

The San Francisco Chronicle has undergone radical transformations over the last several years. It has had to. In 2009, its readership dropped faster than any other newspaper in the country – 50 percent in just three years. While its reporters continue to win awards for their investigative journalism, the number of people actually reading that work in the paper has declined precipitously.

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