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If you live in the Bay Area, chances are you know about Golden Gate Park. But you might not have heard about San Francisco’s second largest park: McLaren.

The Bay Area's "Day Without Immigrants"

Feb 16, 2017
Josiah Luis Alderete


At his press conference today, President Trump reiterated his motivation for strictly enforcing and enhancing U.S. immigration policy.

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Many students, parents, staffers, and administrators associated with schools throughout the Bay Area have expressed concerns about how President Trump’s executive order to increase enforcement of federal immigration laws may affect undocumented students.

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This past Tuesday, Betsy DeVos was narrowly confirmed as Secretary of Education.


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An estimated three million people worldwide took to the streets to participate in the Women’s March.

Photo courtesy of Pui Ling Tam

On Saturday, officials in Washington D.C. estimate half-a-million people took part in the Women’s March. Among those who traveled to the nation’s capital for the event were 16 young women of color from the San Francisco Unified School District.

On October 17, 2016, the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts hosted a forum for candidates for San Francisco’s Board of Education, moderated by San Francisco Chronicle education reporter Jill Tucker.  


San Francisco schools have a problem. With just over a week left before kids return to the classroom, the district doesn't have enough teachers to teach them.

Ninna Gaensler-Debs

Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School is the only non-charter public middle school in Bayview-Hunters Point. Sixty percent of the kids in the school’s inaugural sixth grade class live in the neighborhood. 

Radio Poets 2016: Ruby Guzman

Apr 28, 2016

David Martin

Sights & Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. Our guest is Pete Nowlen: an orchestral and chamber musician, and the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band (SFLGFB).  SFLGFB presents a Broadway tune sing along concert and fundraiser on May 14th.

Radio Poets 2016: Mellana Jackson

Apr 27, 2016

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Apr 13, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Elan Villareal

Apr 12, 2016


The One and Only Mom

Elan Villareal, Garfield Elementary School

I believe my mom is special

very special

She looks like me

She has brown straight hair like the soccer field lines

She has light brown, green, and yellow eyes.

Brown like dirt

Green like grass

Yellow like the opposing team’s jerseys

She has a smooth nose like our soccer balls

Radio Poets 2016: Antonio Gutierrez

Apr 12, 2016



I’m a Fighter

Antonio Gutierrez, Junipero Serra Elementary School


Thug life, that’s what I was taught

Struggling trying to be good

A boy in the dark but has lots of heart

I’m a fighter

That’s what I’m told

Sounds like my life is a rap song but

That’s 100%

Losing those I love 

Have had pain my friend 

Radio Poets 2016: Valerie Martinez

Apr 8, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Michael Soto

Apr 7, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: James Pham

Apr 6, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Marcela Sanchez

Apr 5, 2016

Radio Poets 2016: Owen Isbister

Apr 4, 2016



Owen Isbister, San Francisco Community


Poetry is explaining the world around us

and opening our minds.

I like how (in this case) it relates to soccer.

I learned that poetry is equally as important as soccer.

I also learned it's just as important as anything else.

So put down your phone,

stop stressing out,

get a piece of paper;

a pencil,

have look at the world at a different angle,

and put it down

‘Yes means yes’: Teaching teens affirmative consent

Mar 30, 2016
Photo taken by Christopher Pepper

Jordan Diaz-Boutte is a sophomore at Phillip and Sala Burton High School in San Francisco. From her perspective, consent is still an ambiguous issue.