Wed November 19, 2014

Shopping with the Seafarers

Dheeraj Singh trying on sunglasses at Old Navy in Emeryville
Julie Caine

The vast majority of everything we buy comes to us across the oceans on lumbering container ships – floating villages of sailors with no doctors, no telephones, no police.  

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Thu September 26, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

Today on Your Call: How does understanding the shipping industry change the way you see the world?

On the next Your Call, we'll speak with author and reporter Rose George about her recent book "Ninety Percent of Everything: Inside shipping, the invisible industry that puts clothes on your back, gas in your car, and food on your plate." What do you want to know about the industry that has so much effect on our lives, but remains hidden? Join the conversation at 10 and call in with your questions on the next Your Call, with Matt Martin, and you.


Rose George, author and journalist.

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