Silent Film

David Black

I used to think festival season was all about summertime magic, bare feet, desert sands and palm trees. But one of the wonders of living in a seasonal twilight-zone like San Francisco is a festival can strike at any time,! Noise Pop is here, a springtime selection of independent music, art and film. There are events going all week so check out the schedule and take your pick. Here are mine, for this week's Arts/Culture/Weekend:

Whether it makes you weak in the knees or weak in the stomach, Valentine’s Day weekend is inescapably upon us. Highlights include cinematic love letters to the May-December romance, 80s power ballads for jilted lovers, and one of the biggest record swaps around. When that’s all said and done, film festivals, Lunar New Year celebrations and music abounds.

Welcome to your Arts/Culture/Weekend:


“Good Evening and welcome to the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum and to the Edison Theater,” says Tommy Andrew to a bustling crowd. Andrew is the host of the weekly silent film screening in Niles. He stands in front of the screen and explains that the museum only exists because of New York actor Max Aronson. Aronson, who renamed himself Gilbert Anderson, got his big break in films at the turn of the last century after he lying about his ability to ride a horse. He got a small part in what became a very popular film called The Great Train Robbery.