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Fri April 17, 2015
May 5th: Silicon Valley Gives

Support the Community & KALW

KALW has been selected to participate in Silicon Valley Gives, a one-day donation campaign to mobilize support for local nonprofits through a single online platform. 

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Wed April 1, 2015

Daily news roundup for Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gun crime drops in Oakland, according to new data // Contra Costa Times

"If it seemed like fewer nights were interrupted by the sounds of gunfire and sirens last year, that's not your imagination.

"Oakland, which in 2014 had its fewest homicides in 14 years, also saw a big reduction in one of the leading causes of murder: gunfire.

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Wed February 11, 2015

Life after the Jungle: One woman's struggle with homelessness

Tami Cockrell, 27, and her boyfriend Leonard outside Sacred Heart Community Service in San Jose.
Isabel Angell

In early December 2014, the city of San Jose tore down the Jungle, a homeless encampment thought to be one of the biggest in the country. One of the people evicted from the Jungle was 27-year-old Tami Cockrell. I met her that day as she was pushing a shopping cart away from the Jungle, piled high with everything she owned. She was crying because she couldn’t find her boyfriend.

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Thu December 4, 2014

San Jose dismantles The Jungle

An abandoned shelter in the Jungle. You can see a shelf with ceramic ducks, carpeting, and welcome sign.
Isabel Angell

Crews dismantled a large homeless encampment in San Jose Thursday. Called the “Jungle,” it’s thought to be the biggest homeless camp in the country. The camp was home to up to three hundred people who occupied over sixty acres of a park along a creek bed. But San Jose has been under pressure from different agencies who say the Jungle is polluting the creek.

Early Thursday morning, Tamara Cockrell walked away from the Jungle, pushing a shopping cart piled high with all her belongings.

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Fri June 6, 2014

Cannabis News Roundup: 06.06.14

Sativa leaf

Feinstein: "rouge dispensaries" would benefit from new bill… Washington state lawsuit could have wide implications … The graying of Harborside… Big Tobacco watches and waits… Health news… Maureen Dowd’s bad trip… and more.


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