Skywalker Sound

The sounds of Pixar

Jul 8, 2015
photo courtesty of Tom Arthur

The Bay Area is home to one of the world’s most famous animated film production companies: Pixar. They’ve taken us into the worlds of rebellious toys, struggling superheros, lonely old men, wandering fish, brave young redheads.

But the worlds they create depend greatly on the sounds that exist there.

For that step, Pixar sends their animated films to Skywalker Ranch in Marin.  That's where sound designer Tom Myers works his sonic magic, bringing animated characters to life. 

Interview with a sound editor: The art of the real

Feb 20, 2014

 Jen Ralston is a sound editor for film and television, with credits on everything from The Big Lebowski, to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, to David Simon’s HBO series The Wire and Treme. While a lot of her work involves creating sounds to match the action we see on the screen, her work also sends her out into the field to make sure all the sonic details of a place are as realistic as possible.