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Thu November 6, 2014
Arts & Culture

StoryCorps: Learning from the dying at the Zen Hospice Project

Lisa Messano and Tracy Grubbs

Tracy Grubbs grew up fascinated, curious and also afraid of death. Her curiosity, plus her interest in Buddhism led her to volunteer at the Zen Hospice Project, a San Francisco center for the dying supported by the Buddhist community. Grubbs spoke with her colleague Lisa Messano.

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Fri October 31, 2014
Arts & Culture

The Spiritual Edge: News roundup for 10.31.14


It’s Halloween! Trick or treating, and parties are the usual ways to celebrate, but a group of Wiccans in San Jose have a different idea, according to the San Jose Mercury News. They’re honoring Samhain, “a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year.”


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Fri October 17, 2014
Arts & Culture

The Spiritual Edge: News roundup for 10.16.14

The biggest news in religion this week was the Vatican’s dramatic shift on how it views gay people, unmarried couples who live together and those who have divorced. The Los Angeles Times reports that Vatican expert John Thavis called it no less than an “earthquake.” That IS A metaphor often used by news media, but it was a huge departure from the staunch conservatism that has dominated the Catholic church.


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Mon September 29, 2014
Health, Science, Environment

StoryCorps: A good attitude until the end

Frank Hatch with his newphew Jason Friend
Photo courtesy StoryCorps

Frank Hatch lived with HIV for more than 20 years, only to be diagnosed with late-stage prostate cancer in 2010. For comfort and guidance, he turned to his Buddhism practice. And then, with encouragement from his nephew, he decided to do something he never thought he could: a 16-day rafting trip in the Grand Canyon.

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Tue September 9, 2014
The Spiritual Edge

The Spiritual Edge: Native American sweats out trauma of the past

Samuel Martinez raises his hand in prayer at a sweat lodge ceremony.
Credit (Judy Silber)

It’s intense in a sweat lodge. You enter a round structure, about five feet high at the center, and sit down on the earthen floor. Then the flap of heavy blankets closes and you’re left in utter darkness. Moments later, the leader pours water over hot, volcanic rocks. Like a sauna, thick steam rises and spreads.

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