Sat November 22, 2014
City Visions: December 1, 2014

City Visions: Will Fresh Food Vouchers Improve Public Health?

Host Joseph Pace examines food insecurity in San Francisco and EatSF, a new fresh fruit and vegetable voucher program for "food insecure" residents of the Tenderloin.  

Nearly one quarter of San Francisco's residents don't have reliable access to fresh, nutritious food, despite the city's commitment to social services.  The Department of Public Health and UCSF  have teamed up to create EatSF to tackle this problem.  If EatSF works, it will expand to other neighborhoods.

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Tue October 7, 2014

The evolution of "affordable housing"

Photo courtesy of the Chinatown Community Development Corporation


We don’t build housing projects like we used to anymore. It used to be big, labyrinthine complexes like Marcy Houses in New York, Cabrini Green in Chicago, and Geneva Towers in San Francisco. Today, conversations about development have to do with mixed-use, mixed-income communities. Much of the change has to do with how cities now think about urbanism. And a lot has to do with how affordable housing gets funded.

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Tue April 29, 2014


Wed February 26, 2014


Tue September 24, 2013
City Visions: September 30, 2013

What's the Future for Families in San Francisco?

Can parents with kids afford to stay in San Francisco?

  With rising home prices, astronomical rents and crowded neighborhoods, it's no surprise that many San Francisco families are struggling to stay in the City. But at the same time, renewed job growth and improving public schools make San Francisco a place where more parents want to raise their children. What is the future for families in San Francisco? How are housing, employment and other forces impacting families in the City, and what lies ahead? What can policy makers and government leaders do to help families stay in San Francisco?

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