StoryCorps: Learning to embrace imperfection

Nov 9, 2015
"My Violin" by Flickr user Jason Hollinger, used under Creative Commons license. This image was cropped and resized.

Denise Woodward is a lifelong musician. As a young classical guitarist, she strove for perfection, often waking up at 4:30 in the morning to practice for hours before school. 

11/3 - Behind the scenes with a Bay Area home stager

Nov 3, 2015

One film Baruch Porras-Hernandez liked to watch as a child was "The Last Unicorn" -  he'd watch it over and over. But for his parents, Baruch's obsession was a problem.

StoryCorps: Yoselin Aplicano

Sep 30, 2015

 San Francisco International High School is designed specifically for immigrant students navigating new lives in their new home. Some of those students make the journey to San Francisco alone—and in some cases, the school is more of a family than the people they live with once they get here. Three years ago, when Yoselin Aplicano was 13, she traveled from Honduras to live with her parents in the states. But she says it had been so long since they lived together, she hardly remembered them.

StoryCorps: A soldier returns from Iraq

Jul 20, 2015

Ryan Garrett joined the military right out of high school. His sister, Samantha, asks him about what it was like leaving​​ home for the first time to serve in Iraq, and ​the ​​difficulties of adjusting ​after he returned. During this StoryCorps conversation, Samantha gets to know a brother she hardly knew but greatly admired.

StoryCorps: The fight for disability rights

Jul 14, 2015


Protest has long been a part of Bay Area culture, from the recent Black Lives Matter marches to the AIDS activists of the '90s, to the anti-war demonstrators of the '60s and '70s.