Thu March 15, 2012
Arts & Culture

StoryCorps: Two perspectives on love, from two different generations

Nicolas “Nicky” Frausto and Alexander “Lexi” Snyder shared their story with Storycorps.

At the age of 67, Nicolas “Nicky” Frausto became friends with 18-year-old Alexander “Lexi” Snyder. They met at OutLoud Radio's San Francisco Inter-Generational Storytelling Project, an event that celebrates Bay Area LGBTQ history. Their story gives a little insight into the nature of love from two men that are two generations apart.

This interview was facilitated by Sophia Simon-Ortiz of San Francisco StoryCorps in conjunction with OutLoud Radio. It was produced by Wendy Baker.



Mon January 2, 2012

StoryCorps: Remembering Grandma's peculiar comfort food

Joyce Lin-Conrad and Geoff Palla

We all remember quirky family recipes, but we don’t always appreciate that home-cooking until we’ve actually left home. Joyce Lin-Conrad sat down with friend and co-worker Geoff Palla to talk about how her heritage influenced her interest in food, which eventually led them both to teach at the Edible Schoolyard.

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