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Mon March 9, 2015

Daily news roundup for Monday, March 9th

Roz Barnett (left) and Greg Fairrer have heard of the new Navigation Center and hope it will save them from their encampment a few blocks away on Shotwell Street.
Brant Ward The Chronicle


Thu July 26, 2012
Arts & Culture

Olympic table tennis born in the South Bay

The US dominates in many Olympic sports – track and field, swimming, basketball. But, one sport the US has never won a medal for is table tennis.

This year, the US team is hoping to change that. It’s going to be challenging. Only 4 players qualified to compete on the 2012 US Olympic Table Tennis team. Three of those four live and train right here in the Bay Area at an unlikely Olympic training ground – a converted warehouse that’s part of the Indian Community Center in Milpitas (ICC).

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