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Year End Income Tax Tips for 2016. Guest: David Hellman, a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and a CPA. Questions for Chuck & David? Please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255. Also tonight, we will have a CALL-A-CPA-NIGHT for listeners to speak with Certified Public Accountants off-the-air. While Your Legal Rights broadcasts on 91.7 FM (online 7 'til 8pm PST, tax specialists are available for private no-fee consultation at 1-800-525-9917.

Living Trusts

Jul 15, 2015

Living Trusts: Do you need a living trust? Are there taxation issues? Guest: David Hellman, a Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law and also in Taxation Law, Certified by the California board of Legal Specialization.   Listeners with questions for David Hellman, please call 1-866-798-8255.

The New Health Care Rules: Tax Returns, Taxes, Penalties, and Exemptions.
Guests: Jason Galek, a Specialist in Taxation Law, Certified by the California Board of Legal  Specialization of the State Bar, and Christina Weed, tax attorney. Listeners with questions for Chuck and his guests, please call 415-841-4134.

Year-End 2013 Tax Tips

Guest:  David Hellman, Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and Estate Planning.

Listeners please call with questions or comments for Chuck and David Hellman: 415-841-4134.