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Prop. 64 slips in poll ... Cannabis could come to Marin hospital ... Less marijuana for youth ... Newsom’s lone stand ... and more. COPS & COURTS “Trends toward the negative” in Colorado after legalization // NBC Bay Area

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California city bans could be corrected soon… Who smokes what, where? … Teens, cannabis and I.Q…. “Pot purses” arrive… Events, Opinion and more. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION Analysis: What’s behind the city bans on cannabis? // Whittier Daily News “Many California cities in the last two months have moved to ban the cultivation of marijuana but these new ordinances may become unnecessary under proposed legislation that seeks to close what some say was a loophole in a series of new state laws...

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Plans for a California cannabis credit union... Parker throws cash at legalization… “Nuns” threatened for growing… Cities statewide enact restrictions on cannabis… Health, Opinion, and more. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION Fiona Ma’s plan for a cannabis credit union // The Hash If the federal government won’t do it, then California needs to step forward with its own banking plan to improve tax collection in the cannabis industry, says this new member of the California Board of Equalization....

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San Francisco’s cannabis task force… More support for AUMA… Banking survey… Preachers concerned… Health, Business, Opinion, and more…. [Technical difficulties beyond my control: The links on all of these stories seem to work, despite appearances.] LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION Looking ahead, San Francisco names task force // SF Examiner The biggest concern for the 14-member task force could be changes in land use controls, which should be in place in the event voters statewide approve...

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Hopes run high for statewide regulations… Teen use does not increase in legal states… How many hours a week do Americans get high? … and more. LEGALIZATION & LEGISLATION Statewide cannabis rules could become a reality // EastBayExpress.com Assembly passage of AB 266 “is an unprecedented compromise.” Legal cannabis does not increase teen use // blog.NORML.org “Researchers reported no increase in teens’ overall use of the plant that could be attributable to changes in law, and acknowledged...

Candy flavors put e-cigarettes on kid's menu

Feb 19, 2014

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Are teens today more narcissistic?

Feb 5, 2014

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Youth Radio: What teens are eating outside the home

Jan 15, 2014

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Three years ago, when Christian Hernandez was 16 years old, he recorded a joke voicemail greeting. It starts off with, “Hello. Hey! Uh, can’t understand you.” It’s meant to trick the caller into thinking it’s Hernandez on the phone. Eventually, callers hear, “Ha, voicemail! You know what to do stupid.” Now, at 19, Hernandez is looking for a job, and the greeting which started off as a joke for friends is now a liability. Teen unemployment is at 24.4%, three times the national average. With...

Your Legal Rights considers the dangers of excess sugar causing obesity in the American diet. Guest: Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist and Director of the UCSF Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health Program.

(SFGate) // Everyone who follows cannabis news knows that dangerous Mexican drug cartels are despoiling our national forests with their massive illegal pot farms. There’s only one problem with that fact: The Office of National Drug Control Policy ( ONDC ) says it isn’t true. (MSNBC & CBS) // Members-only smoking clubs are opening in Colorado, now that recreational use of cannabis is allowed. One jumped the starting gun, though, and closed before it really even opened. (Christian Science...