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Tue March 17, 2015
City Visions for March 23, 2015

How Should Bay Area Cities Regulate E-Cigarettes?

Courtesy Daniel Hadley via Flickr

Host Joseph Pace explores the debate surrounding e-cigarette regulation in the Bay Area. 

The common act of 'vaping' has attracted increasing public attention, most recently through last month's ban of e-cigarettes in BART trains and stations. While some argue that e-cigarettes present a safer alternative for smokers, others contend that they could encourage smoking among young people and might pose a public health threat. What do we know about the effects of e-cigarettes, and how should they be regulated?


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Fri May 23, 2014

Cannabis News Roundup: 05.23.14

Sativa leaf

Minnesota set to become 22nd medical marijuana state… Hash brownies could result in life sentence… Growers blocked from using “Federal water”…   FBI set to hire pot-smoking hackers… Synthetic drugs worry UN… More on “vape pens”… 


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