How widespread is government surveillance since 9/11? And how complicit are the biggest tech companies like Apple and Google?


Your Call: Whistle blowing in the age of Snowden

Jul 11, 2016

On the July 11th edition of Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with the Nation’s Mark Hertsgaard about his new book Bravehearts: Whistle-Blowing in the Age of Snowden

  On the April 26th edition Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with Sonia Kennebeck about her new documentary National Bird, which weaves together the chilling stories of three whistle blowers who break the silence around the secret US drone program.

Should we think of whistleblowers as selfless martyrs, as traitors, or as something else?  Hear John Perry and Ken Taylor's conversation with the world's most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden.  Tuesday at 12pm.