Wed March 27, 2013
Dispatches from Kolkata for 3/27

Can good laws come from popular outrage?

Protests in India after Dehli gang rape



The December gang rape in Delhi spurred such huge protests in India, a surprised government had to act quickly.

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Wed February 20, 2013
Health, Science, Environment

The life of an older woman without a home in San Francisco

Imagine having nowhere to sleep, now, imagine that reality if you’re older, and maybe you suffer from illness or decreased mobility.

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Wed February 20, 2013

Seniors on the streets of San Francisco

Photo by Jim Forest on Flikr

If you really want to know how our local economy is doing, look no further than the nearest homeless shelter. Former Supervisor Bevan Dufty oversees homelessness in the city, and he says these days, San Francisco’s roughly 1,150 beds are nearly full each night. Advocates say there’s been a sharp increase in homeless seniors, especially women. It was rare to see this population on the streets a few decades ago, but now service providers say it seems to be the norm.

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Thu February 14, 2013


Wed January 23, 2013