worker rights

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On this edition of Your Call, we’ll mark May Day by talking about the labor movements that are sweeping the country.

Employment Law -- The Legal Rights of California LGBT Employees Against Workplace Discrimination. Guests: Amy Whelan, Senior Staff Attorney at the National Center For Lesbian Rights; Walter Stella, an attorney who represents Employers, and is a Member of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the State Bar of California; and Thomas A Lenz, a partner in the law firm of Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo, in Cerritos, California (562-653-3200), and the Vice-chair of the Labor & Employment Law Section of the State Bar.

Immigration Issues in the Workplace/the Employment Rights of Undocumented Workers, Language Discrimination, & Document Abuse. Guests: Employment Law attorneys -- Chris Ho (attorney for workers) & Jay Rosenlieb (attorney for employers). Questions for Chris and Jay? Please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.

Employment Law: Legal Rights & Working Conditions of Domestic Workers ­-- Nannies, Housecleaners, & Home Attendants. Guests: Hina B. Shah, Associate Professor of Law & Director of the Women's Employment Rights Clinic, Golden Gate University School of Law; and Lindsay Imai Hong, Bay Area Organizer for Hand in Hand, The Domestic Employers Network, a National Network. Questions for Chuck's guests? Please call toll-free 1-866-798-8255.


This week, Chuck Finney and guests take on the topic of employment law. Guests:  Employment Law attorneys:  Nina Fendel and Miles Locker, authors of "California Workers' Rights" published by U.C. Berkeley;  andMalcolm Loungway, an investigator with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, San Francisco office.