Ellis Act

KALW's coverage of Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco.



Wed September 10, 2014

North Beach tenants find strength and friendship as they fight to keep their homes

Theresa Flanderich (r) and Diego Deleo (l) in Deleo's apartment.
Credit Melanie Young

At the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center, two dozen residents of North Beach come on a recent Tuesday night to hear from neighbors who have experienced evictions.  

The state’s Ellis Act allows landlords to withdraw from the rental market and evict their tenants.  North Beach has one of the City’s highest Ellis eviction rates.  

Marla Knight, a longtime North Beach resident and co-founder of the North Beach tenants committee welcomed everyone and let them know they were not alone in their concerns about evictions.  

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Tue July 15, 2014

Chinatown Tenants Gather Strength

Chinatown resident Lee Ming Dang in her 7 by 7 foot home.
Melanie Young

Tenants are facing a tough time in San Francisco. The city has some of the nation’s highest rents and laws like the Ellis Act have made evictions front page news. But there are pockets of affordability, like in Chinatown, where the average rent is one third as much as in other neighborhoods.  

But the neighborhood is also one of the country’s most overcrowded and tenants claim that landlords violate health and safety codes.

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Tue June 3, 2014


Tue April 29, 2014


Mon March 24, 2014

The New Gold Rush: How tourist rentals are affecting San Francisco’s housing market

Can this property be legally rented to tourists?
Ben Trefny

The sharing economy in San Francisco is humming. Companies like Airbnb have figured out how to make a lot of money by using existing housing stock to meet consumer demand, which in Airbnb’s case is coming from tourists. Fast Company magazine declared AirBnB will soon become “the world’s largest hotel chain – without owning a single hotel.”

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