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Thursday June 11, 2015

Jun 11, 2015

June 11 is the 162nd day of the year.

There are 203 days remaining until the end of the year.
 The sun has already officially risen  at 5:47 AM
The sun will set tonight at 8:32 PM
Today we will have 14 hours, 44 minutes, and 13 seconds of daylight
The Moon will be 29.3 percent illuminated, a Waning Crescent
High tide this morning will be at 08:08  at 4.1
Low tide this afternoon at 1:29pm at   1.0
and Low tide tonight at 8:23pm at  6.1

Today is National Hug Holiday

Wednesday June 10, 2015

Jun 10, 2015

June 10 is the 161st day of the year. 

There are 204 days remaining until the end of the year.

The Sun will rise at 5:47 this morning The Sun will set at 8:31 tonight

 The moon is 39 per cent illuminated
waning until it becomes a New Moon on the 16thLow tide was 12:52 am  1.5

High tide this morning will be at 6:43  at 4.2

Low tide this afternoon will be 12:31  at 0.6

and High tide tonight at 7:36 pm will be  5.8

 Today is… National Yo-Yo Day

 Abolition Day (French Guiana)

 Army Day (Jordan)

 Navy Day (Italy)

Tuesday June 9, 2015

Jun 9, 2015

 June 9 is the 160th day of the year. There are 205 days remaining until the end of the year.
Sunrise will be at 5:48 AM
The Sun will set at 8:31 PM
There will be 14 hours 43 minutes and 2 seconds of daylight today
"Solar Noon" will be at 1:09 PM 
The moon will be 56.4 per cent illuminated
it is a Waxing Gibbous moon
1:13AM  Moonrise
It becomes a Last Quarter Moon at 8:42 am today  
1:16PM  Moonset
Tides at the Golden Gate 
This morning at 05:22 AM 4.53 H
Low Tide at 11:32 AM 0.11 L

Monday June 8, 2015

Jun 8, 2015
  • 159th Day of 2015 206 Remaining
  • Summer Begins in 13 Days
  • Sunrise:5:47
  • Sunset:8:30
  • 14 Hours 43 Minutes
  • Moon Rise:12:34am
  • Moon Set:12:10pm
  • Phase:60%
  • Full Moon June 2 @ 9:21am
  • Full Strawberry Moon This name was universal to every Algonquin tribe.

June 05, 2015

Jun 5, 2015

Today is Friday June 05, 2015 179 day of 2015,186 remaining Sunrise: 5:47 a.m. Sunset: 8:28 p.m. 14 hours and 40minutes of daylight today Moonrise: 11:10 p.m. Moonset: 8:54 a.m. Special Celebrations today: Today is : Gingerbread Day, Nt'l. Doghnut Day and World Environment Day on this day in.... 1595 - Henry IV's army defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Fontaine-Francaise. 1752 - Benjamin Franklin flew a kite for the first time to demonstrate that lightning was a form of electricity. 1794 - The U.S. Congress prohibited citizens from serving in any foreign armed forces.

155th day of 2015, 210 remaining

Sunrise: 5:49am
Sunset: 8:28pm

Moonset: 7:53am
Moonrise: 10:22pm (98% visible, waning)

Tides at the Golden Gate:

  • High: 12:42am/2:44pm
  • Low: 7:24am/7:17pm

Special celebrations today...

154th day of 2015, 211 remaining

Sunrise: 5:49
Sunset: 8:27

Moonset: 6:56am
Moonrise: 9:30pm (99% visible, waning)

Tides at the Golden Gate:

  • High: 12:02am/1:59pm
  • Low: 6:44 am/6:31pm

Special celebrations today...

Martyr's Day - Uganda
Mabo Day - Australia
National Chocolate Macaroon Day
National Egg Day
Chimborazo Day
National Running Day
National Tailors Day

153rd day of 2015, 212 remaining

Sunrise: 5:49 AM
Sunset: 8:26 PM

Full Moon today at 9:21am, called the "Strawberry Moon" by the native Algonquins, the "Rose Moon" by Europeans.

Tides at the Golden Gate
Low: 6:24am/6:10pm
High: 1:31pm

Special celebrations today include...

Republic Day - Italy
Botev Day (commemorating heroes who died for freedom) - Bulgaria

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day

On this day in...

152nd day of 2015, 213 remaining

  • Sunrise: 5:50am
  • Sunset: 8:26pm
  • Moonset: 5:21am
  • Moonrise: 7:37pm (96% visible)

Tides at the Golden Gate:

  • High: 12:32pm/11:25pm
  • Low: 5:31am/5:09pm

Of the many monthly celebrations, choose from the following what YOU'D like to celebrate:   JUNE IS...

149th day of 2015; 216 remaining

Tides at the Golden Gate
High: 10:06am/9:43pm
Low: 3:44am/3:11pm

Sunrise: 5:51am
Sunset: 8:24pm

Moonrise: 4:43pm (77% visible)
Moonset: 3:32am

Special celebrations and commemorations today include...